Monday, November 26, 2012

Know thy Machine : Post # 28 : Leona

Welcome to the final week of the Know Thy Machine blog hop - we've got a few more exciting guest posts so stick with us! :) 

Today's guest is Leona from Tír na nÓg Studio 

Leona's quilting journey started 5 years ago when she went to local quilt store and was just awestruck with the quilts on the walls and the fabric, especially batik. Within a few days she had a new sewing machine, signed up for a beginners quilt class and her obsession with quilting took off. By the end of the 4 week quilt class she upgraded my sewing machine to one with more bells and whistles and before the first year was over she had her own long arm as she wanted to be able to create quilts from start to finish herself!

Hop over to her blog to read what she has to say about her machine...

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