Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Losing track of the days - Know thy Machine : Post #20 : Lauren & # 21 : Alyssa

So whatever happened to yesterday... I forgot to post the KTM post! :) Hopefully you guys all saw it over on Shruti's blog... if not here we go, doubled up with today's!

Today's Yesterday's guest is Lauren from I want to cut you!

She fell in love and is constantly looking for new and exciting ways to express herself through textiles. Her passion has become re purposing materials like clothing and bedding to create one of kind quilts. She is currently on a fabric fast and will not be purchasing fabric for one year. Lauren shares her home with her 2 kids, an Air Force husband and  her pets.

 Hop over to her blog to read about her machine...

And now for today's post!

Today's guest is Alyssa

She is the winner of the Best Wall Hanging at the Bloggers Quilt Festival! Her Patchwork Prism quilt was that stunning!

Alyssa is a creative and resourceful mother residing in Gilbert, AZ. She is also a freelance web and graphic designer. This allows her to be a stay-at-home mom for her toddler and newborn. When she isn't designing for the web or wrangling children you can find her in her craft room designing, and sewing quilts and crafts.

Hop over to her blog to read about her machine! 

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