Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Neon thread...

Would make a simple project amazing....

But it's even more awesome on a more complex project!

circle ruffle pouch
Circle Ruffle Pouch
Last night A few nights ago I decided to do some prep for the Happy Little Pouch Hop - you see Elaine and I have challenged each other to make one pouch a day during the swap. And that's a lot of pouches - so I figured I'd prep the pieces for a fancy one. 

I got carried away and finished the pouch! This pouch was hugely inspired by this one here, which was made by Marci / Marci Girl Designs. I've had my eye on that pouch since she made it for the Pretty Little Pouch Swap!! I finally broke down and attempted it... and without trying (quite by mistake) mine turned out about half the size of hers! 

I even remembered to add my label! 
I used some indigo bella solid, and some of that pink running stitch that I bought for no reason. For the fluted part I used 805 Wonder Under to fuse a layer of the indigo with the pink - then traced the bottom of a kid's cup to make my circles (about a 2" diameter). I should have made those circles bigger - that's why my pouch turned out smaller. Mine finishes at about 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" with an 11" loop for the handle. 

I really like the way this pouch turned out - the punch from that neon thread is great! I found that neon thread at Michael's by the way - in their 1/2 isle of sewing related stuff. 

This one is going to be mine. I'm calling dibs even though my sister and cousins will want it. Too bad. :) For one, I'm not sure how well the raw edges of the circles will hold up to wear! There may be more of these in the future - but probably not because it was quite a bit more work and I prefer my pouches to be quick! 

If you're getting excited about the Happy Little Pouch Hop and want some additional inspiration check out our flickr group! Feel free to post your pouch pics there for everyone to enjoy! Also check out my pouch pinterest board


  1. I just can't get over these ruffles! They are the best truly. I also love the color combination.

  2. What do you mean this isn't for me?????? You'd better make another one for me please.

  3. What do you mean this isn't for me????? You'd better make one for me please.

  4. adorable! neon thread does make it all better! and those labels are awesome!

  5. This is an adorable pouch! The ruffles and the neon thread look great! I almost never remember to sew a label onto the stuff I make.

  6. So cute!! The contrasting topstitching makes this clutch!

    Jennifer :)

  7. H! So I'm thinking about making a pouch like this but was wondering how those ruffles have held up? Have you found them to fray or are they holding up well? Anything you would do differently?