Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Long weekend...

Fabric is not related to this post - but I want to sew with it right now. 
This is what happens when Allie is off school for a couple days in a row. It's the end of the grade period (grades for a pre-schooler?) - which means a day of teacher in-service (Friday), a day off for Veteran's day, and another day off (today) for report card pickup/parent teacher conferences. That has effectively killed two of my regular days off from work - no sewing happens when Allie is awake. 

I'm getting stir-crazy!

I do have something to blog about later today - providing I get a moment of peace (and sunlight) to take some decent pictures. 

On the bright side, I have the day off of work on Saturday to go to the Sewing Expo in Tinley Park. The Chicago Modern Quilt Guild's Modern Art Challenge quilts will be on display there - and will then travel with the show for the remainder of the year! How cool is that?? I'm excited to see my quilt hanging with the rest of them! 

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