Monday, November 5, 2012

Just a little sneak peek...

A couple friends and I are doing a 3 way swap which we're calling the EEE swap (or Triple E). It's EEE because our names all start with E! I'm swapping with Emily and Elaine! We decided to make a medium-ish sewn item and we'll swap before/around Thanksgiving. I have my two gifts mostly finished... I need some hand stitching to make them shine! I sure hope they like what I've made! 

Since we've agreed to keep it a secret until we swap, I can only show just a little detail shot here! I'm pretty excited with how these turned out!! By the way, we're planning on swapping via Skype - since Emily and I are local and Elaine (who used to be local) has moved far away! It'll be amusing to open up swap gifts on skype! :)

I've really enjoyed doing this side swap - it's fun to sew for my friends, and we have similar styles. Do you swap with quilty friends? Do you do organized swaps? 


  1. OMG!!!!!! is that shot cotton from The Needle Shop? AND Prairie Points AND AMH ribbon! ahhhhh!!!! I guess I should start on mine eh?

  2. So far, I've done two swaps... one was the RATZ swap, and I just finished up a private swap with one of my bloggy friends.

    I like swapping, but I'm a bit of a procrastinator so that doesn't work out well sometimes for the swapping...especially because I get a bit particular about my work and then if I'm doing the work at the 11th hour, it's hard to make it as perfect as I want. (I don't care so much for myself, but for work I'm trading....)

    I love the green of the shot cotton and I can't want to see what you and the other E's come up with!