Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Winner Winner!!

Last week I got an unexpected email from Maureen, saying that her first contest winner hadn't gotten back to her - so she'd pulled another name... it was me!! 

So I won this FQ bundle of fabulous Modernology fabric! It was provided by Canton Villiage Quilts and let me tell you - it came in the mail QUICKLY! These are some really fabulous fabrics too! Thanks Maureen!! 

Who knew the Parisville would match the Habitat so well??!!
In other fabric related news, I ordered fabrics from Whittles Fabrics as seen on Scottie Watch last week. Let me tell you, I placed my order late Friday night and my fabric arrived Monday morning! How fabulous is that??!! And... it was only $4/yd for modern yummy fabrics. On the downside they were out of the one AMH print that I ordered... but I can deal with that. :) 

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  1. Nice one, Emily! I'm glad you showed that stack of Habitat. I ordered the two middle prints yesterday for a secret project I'm working on and I wasn't sure of the print scale. Now I have a much better idea!