Friday, April 20, 2012

AccuQuilt Studio - Die Cutting at the retreat!

Hexagons in two sizes - all cut from one charm pack!
This post has been hanging out in draft form for a while... it's time to polish it up and post!
For those of you who don't already know, I've met some pretty cool people in this quilting community. One of these people is Ebony, owner of LoveBug Studios, as well as about eight million other awesome sites/projects/etc. Ok I'll get to the point, Ebony has an Accuquilt Studio Die Cutter - yes that's like the Accuquilt Go that people talk about - but in giant awesome proportions - and she brought it with her to our guild retreat last month so we could all play!

For being a blog post about the Studio cutter, you'd think I would have taken a picture of it... lol. I guess I didn't. I did take pictures of the zillions of ways we used it though. 

For those of you who aren't aware of the awesomeness of the Studio - it uses various dies to cut fabric into precise pieces quickly. This is especially useful for shapes like circles and hexagons, as well as cutting down massive amounts of squares, strips, etc. 

Throughout our retreat weekend many of us made use of the cutter (it has a name by the way, Mr. T). I cut a ton of circles (with fusible already on them - so I just have to iron them in place and topstitch!!). I made tiny hexagons with fusible too, as well as regular hexies.

Emily chopped down a ton of smallish scraps into perfect squares. Her stacks were towering by the end of the night!

Beth cut down a huge amount of solids!! Isn't this stack so lovely??!! She's already finished the quilt from this stack! 

Isn't the Accuquilt Studio pretty awesome? Also awesome? The fact that Ebony is pretty much the expert in die cutting for quilting! Fantastic! Thanks for sharing your time and your machine with us Ebony! :)

PS - To anyone who might be on the fence about future guild retreats - they're fabulous and you should put your deposit down now! :)


  1. I didn't take advantage of the die cutter at the retreat. And now? I'm sorry. I may be one of the first in line at the September retreat!

  2. My stacks look so pretty! Thanks again to Ebony for lugging Mr T for us to use. I will definitely have more for him to chomp on in the fall.

  3. Glad you guys enjoyed him, and I will definitely bring him in the fall. I finally posted my die listing, so people don't have to keep guessing about what I have. :)