Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pretty Little Pouch Swap: Ready to Send!

Here I am again, swapping like crazy! I just can't seem to say no to the good swaps (PTS, DQS, PLPS). And... I can always use another pouch! 

This time I made a little box pouch. I winged it on the size, mostly following the size of my block (I used this block), which really I didn't follow the size listed for the block, I sewed the HST's using Thangles and made the block to fit that size. All in all the pouch measures about 9" x 2" x 4". I was greatly inspired by this pouch... although I didn't follow that tutorial either. I just winged it. 

The biggest inspiration for this block was really the stabilizer that I used. It's Soft and Stable (click the link there to purchase some). I received this stabilizer from my friend Donna at our guild retreat a couple weekends back.  She's been really thrilled about it and uses it for all sorts of projects. I can say that it sewed up perfectly! It's so squashy when quilted so densely. It really shows off those quilting lines! 

I sure hope my partner loves this pouch - It's really me I think. Aqua, grey, and mustard colored linen! What's not to love? 

Do you guys swap? Care to share why or why not? 


  1. What a great pouch!! I love the quilting. It really makes it.

  2. I did two round in the [3x6] Sample Quilt mini bee and I'm afraid this round was my last. I liked it, but I feel like I'm wasting fabric/time for blocks that don't always match or that I don't like that much. It's ok though, everyone has his own taste when it comes to fabric..

    I signed up for the Modern She Made swap and I am really excited to start. It will be my very first secret swap. Oh and I'm also stalking the Pillow Talk Swap because I really don't want to miss the next round.

    I think I will like to swap because it pushes me out of my comfort zone and I make things that I'd probably never try if it wasn't for the swap. And it's exciting :)

    I really love this little pouch :) It's very cute !

  3. I adore this little pouch! You're the best at making tiny little things. I wish I had a little of your patience!

  4. Ooo! love this! I hope you are my partner! Im working on my boxy pouch now, kinda making up my own pattern as I go along. I would love to try some of that soft and stable. I like a thicker layer for the boxy bags. Thanks!

    1. I just noticed we are in the same three swaps! Im also swap mama for our new local MQG and we just started a Doll quilt swap! They are so addictive!

  5. Adorable little pouch, I love it!
    I love the swaps you've mentioned! But sometimes I need a break -- I feel like I need some time to make things for ME!

  6. I love this pouch! So cute with the colors and the quilting! I'll definitely have to try out some of the Soft and Stable.

    I have not participated in any sewing swaps (although I did do some stamping swaps a few years ago). I just don't feel like I have the time/energy to devote to them considering I can't even get to all the other things that I want to finish.