Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Special Little Pouch

A special little pouch

The other night I was overcome by the need to make a pouch for someone special. (Roseann, yours is up next I swear!). I thought about it, and knew it had to be a good mix of me and my friend's likes. I hope I found a good balance.

A special little pouch - before cutting and pouching it!

When it comes to pouches and mini quilts I have so many ideas floating around my head. So many fabric combos and block ideas. Things that just have to be made. I brainstormed a little bit and settled on three teeny stars (they measure 1 1/4" each), and a strip of navy corduroy. I was originally going to border this all in Kona Curry, but when it came to that point, the curry made everything look too boyish - so I went with hot pink. 

A special little pouch - fully lined

I really didn't do much planning, just a quick sketch and got sewing! I'm pretty surprised that those stars ended up in the right spot spacially! Again, I used this as an inspiration - but didn't follow any directions. Maybe I should have because I was a little rusty when it came to making this pouch fully lined and my topstitching doesn't go all the way to the tabs as a result. It'll turn out better next time I'm sure - unless I forget it again! lol!

A special little pouch - sketch

Oh, and since I'm sure I'll forget later, the patchwork / quilted piece was 11" before sewing into a pouch. Just a little smaller than I'd planned! 

I'm linking up to Fabric Tuesday too! Go head on over for some inspiration!


  1. super cute Em! loving the lining that fabric is gorgeous and of course the signature Emily teeny tiny stars!

  2. This is completely adorable! You are the best at making cute pouches that are pieced!