Sunday, April 22, 2012

A little sneaking...

A special little pouch

Sometimes I like to stalk people - no not crazy stalk - swap stalk. Meaning I like to look at their likes and fabric favorites, and what they could use that I could make.

Or maybe after 7 million times of hoping a swap mama would pair me up with Elaine, I'm taking it on myself.

Yes. Surprise! Elaine, pretend you're my auxiliary Pretty Little Pouch Swap partner. Or pretend that you're pretty awesome and I have your address because I'm sneaky.

Whatever you want to call it. Elaine is a pretty awesome person and deserving of a little pampering - especially since she's the only blogger to ever warn me ahead of time that she was going to announce that she's pregnant (so I had time to deal with it - if you don't understand then you've never spent 3 yrs trying to have a baby). That definitely merits a baby gift!

So I hope you love it Elaine, a sweet little flannel blanket for your new baby (perfect size for swaddling), and a little pouch just for you. Enjoy!
(Read Elaine's part of the story here - and see pics of that blanket!)

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  1. awww, you beat me to a blog post on this! i just got my pictures taken :) You absolutely made my day (actually my week!) with this wonderful surprise. thank you for your thoughtfulness and making me feel so uber special!