Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dear Janice...

(did I mention I named my new-to-me Juki Janice?) 

A special little pouch - sketch
This picture has nothing to do with this post. But isn't it lovely?
I'm sorry for not oiling you sooner... please forgive the fact that I imagined you'd only need oil occasionally like my old Singers.

Today I came upon my bottle of sewing machine oil... and thought, gee, it's been a couple months since I've had Janice.... And I haven't oiled her. I knew she's needed it recently... but never urgently enough for me to go searching for the oil. I looked in the manual today - oil daily if you sew daily. Eeek! lol. I gave her a few drops in each of the convenient holes. She's running even more like a dream than before. :)

Reminder - oil your machine!


  1. poor Janice! Lydia Claire has instructions not to oil her...I think, I checked to manual a long time ago, I should check again...also, LC and I sewed up a cute rainbow tutu yesterday I can't wait to give it away to a little girlie today!

  2. What!? I have never oiled my machine! I don't even own a bottle of machine oil! Posts like this remind me of how little i know about sewing machine maintenance. : ) Off to check out my manual, thanks.

  3. When I bought my machine, that was one of the things they showed me how to do. I can tell when my machine needs to be oiled, because of the sound. It seems like I have to clean fuzz out a lot so I always just oil when I clean the fuzz out.