Monday, April 23, 2012

Because I'm going to go sew instead of writing the 3.5 blog posts that I have going in my head...

So instead enjoy some of the lovelies that have made it to me in the mail recently. (yes I realize I'm quite spoiled.)

BOHEMIAN! Here's the first bit of it - which came from Emily / CanyongurlEmily

Then some more (bits of all the fabrics in the line!) from Jenny / JennyWeldingCaps who challenged me to make something absolutely fabulous with them - I will! 

All the Bohemian stacked up and pressed! It's looking impressive! 

Another bit of Bohemian - this time a FQ from Georgia / GeorgiaMcDonald -- this came all the way from Australia! And it came with some yummy chocolates too! 

I've also recieved a fabulous pouch from my Pretty Little Pouch Swap partner Kristya / {quiltergirl80}

And a remnant piece of Little Folks from the ever so sweet Sally!

And here's the bit of grey that I left on Emily's sewing table - that she returned to me all wrapped up like a pretty gift! 

Thanks all of you generous quilters! You're fabulous and I promise you'll be seeing some Bohemian amazingness here soon!!! 

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  1. it is so cool that you have so many friends on Flickr, but ya know that you must be pretty awesome to inspire this generosity!