Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Because quilting friends know how to be fabulous!

Last week I went over to my friend Emily's house to sew for a bit (actually we sat around and talked most of the time... but still). When I arrived she explained that I had left some grey fabric on our table at the retreat last month and it had made its way home with her! lol. Literally it's a scrappy funny shaped piece of fabric, but in Emily's eyes it deserved a pretty little ribbon to tie it up so sweetly! Ok ok, I'm sure she did this so it wouldn't get lost in her stash... but it's still too cute for words!

So how about you? If you're passing a bit of fabric to someone else do you tie it up all nice? Or do you just chuck it into an envelope and call it a day? 

This girl loves the pretty of a nicely tied up little piece of fabric! 


  1. I save any strip of fabric that could be used to tie up any size bundle of fabric or a tissue wrapped package. My fav LQS wraps fabric you buy from her in pink tissue and ties WOFx2" strips of fabric around it. Love this!

  2. LOL! Thanks for the compliments Em! :) The talking was great...the sewing that got done was so minimal! Love ya!

  3. It's really fun to get a package from another quilter, they often 'cutes' it up!