Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WIP Wednesday - the one where I'm truthful with myself.

Quilts in progress:

Michelle's Quilt
(1) Michelle's Quilt (finished around 65" square)
The top and back are both pieced. The binding is cut and prepared too. I'm waiting for Michelle to send the batting and Aurifil tread along. I'm planning on quilting this one with large strings of words, hearts, and stipples.

{Modern} Robin quilt top.

(2) {Modern} Robin Quilt (finished size 65" x 88")
The top is finished; I need to buy batting, and piece the back. I finally purchased the last bit of backing fabric, which arrived yesterday. I plan to quilt this fabulously... considering some long arm work if I can manage that.

(3) Roseann's "Tiny Scrappy Fun" (finished around 65" x 88)
The main panel of patchwork is finished. I need to buy fabric for the last wide border, fabric for the backing, and batting.

(4) Bubble Quilt (finished around 48" x 52")
This will (maybe) be a Pellon project, it matches the pillow I made for my first Pellon project. I have the piecing done, but need to finish putting it all together to finish the quilt top. I don't have fabric for the backing, or batting. I intend to quilt this with straight lines.

(5) Sabrina's Quilt (finished around 48" x 53")
The strip of patchwork is finished, but I need to order some Charcoal for the sashing. I also need batting and backing fabric. I'm intending to test out my friend Marla's long arm on this quilt - doing some echo work and fun free motion stuff.

(6) Bella Quilt - Secret! (finished around 70" x 88")
I'm so close to finishing this one! I quilted it last night, and the binding is already cut and prepared. I just need to square it up tonight and attach the binding! Whew - the most technically challenging quilt I've ever made!
Doll Quilt Swap 13
(7) DQS 13 - Doll Quilt Swap 13
I need to get my butt into gear on this one. It needs to be mailed out by mid February and I've barely started on my crazy piecing plans! At least I have an idea sketch and fabrics pulled.

(8) Ahem... The Yellow Quilt
LOL... yes, that quilt, you know the one. My kid took it and has used it off and on for MONTHS - without binding. I haven't even cut the binding. It needs to be washed and I can't do so until I bind it. Oops.

Small projects:
(1) Patchwork Amy Butler Weekender!
Yes I am going to drink the kool-aid and make one of these. QuiltCon is as good of excuse as any to make myself a fabulous bag! I have my fabrics picked out, and most of the supplies gathered. I'm itching to get started, which is good since QuiltCon is coming up quickly!

(2) Coffee Cozies
I need to sew buttons on these guys before this weekend's family gathering.

Harry Potter Quilt
(3) Harry Potter Dementor / Patronus Mini Quilt.
Yeah, this was one of those "I can start and finish it today" projects... It has been neglected due to my tight timeline for the Bella Quilt. Further distraction, I just managed to wander upon the Harry Potter Wikipedia page.

Small projects finished but need to be mailed:

Shruti's gift.
(1)Shruti's gift - Happy Birthday!! :)
This one has been a long time coming, I made it months ago when she re-did my blog layout for me... but I keep getting stuck because I'd like to send some extras. I mean it's not often that I mail things to India, so I think I should send some goodies. I have a couple in mind now (Kraft Mac N Cheese!) so this should be out the door shortly.

(2) EEE Swap stuff.
We've decided to push off our swap date to when we see each other at QuiltCon. I'm finished with my stuff... but wrapped up Elaine's gift before taking proper pics of it... so I guess I should unwrap and photograph. I'm excited about these gifts - they were really fun to make, and I really enjoyed the challenge of chosing fabrics / designs specific for two of my closest sewing friends!

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  1. I love hearing your progress on these things, and being truthful is great...though difficult when it comes to WIPs

  2. Ooh, I have seen a few glimpses of your Bella quilt, and can't wait to see the final version. It looked crazy complicated... Lots of great projects there!

  3. What lovely projects you have going! I particularly love Michelle's quilt!

  4. I really like the Harry Potter Quilt. That looks really interesting. I also really like Michelle's quilt. The color combination and pattern are great.

  5. You certainly have a lot going on. I really like the Robin quilt top.

  6. everything is beautiful, but that heart quilt is really WOW! That is just gorgeous! I am stopping from the WIP hop, I would love to have you drop by my post: