Saturday, January 26, 2013

It's a good thing I'm a quilter...

Ali's Quilt - not my Allie

Our quilts have been getting a lot of use the past few days. Our furnace has been acting up in our apartment. For the past three days it's been the same: the house gets cold in the evening (58 degrees eek), we call the landlord in the morning (who calls the repair guy), the repair guy comes and "fixes" it,  we have approxamately 1.5 hours of warmth (65 degrees max), then it goes back to cold. 


Last night I slept with three quilts. Brrr!

I'm hopeful that this will be resolved tomorrow. I hope for my landlord's sake that it doesn't involve replacing the furnace, but I really don't know a thing about these sorts of things. Too bad my parents didn't visit this weekend - my dad knows his way around household things like that. He'd know what to look for (and probably how to fix it).  Instead we're at the mercy of the repair man (and his two hour appointment windows). 

On the bright side, I just went looking for a generic looking pic of a quilt of mine and I came across the one I posted here. Totally cute and a quilt that I often forget about since I made it in a week and then immediately gave it away. It was one of my first quilts.  Read more about that here.


  1. here's hoping they get it sorted out soon!

  2. Oh that's so frustrating!! Poor you :( Hopefully it'll be fixed soon! xx

  3. I hope your furnace gets fixed soon - this is NOT the time to have no heat --- yikes!! Our bedrooms upstairs are really cold - the kids don't mind, but I just couldn't get warm - some nights I went to bed wearing long underwear, a hoody, socks AND MITTS! Then we got an electric blanket and *poof* - problem solved :D I have it under a really heavy quilt (largest one I ever made, lol) so now we're toasty warm!