Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Quilting friends are the best!

Fabric gifts from friends

This is a recurring theme here on my blog: the kindness of friends. Quilting friends really are the best - who else knows exactly what you love without asking? And who else jumps at the chance to brighten your day with some fabric? 

Yesterday I got an envelope in the mail - filled with the yummiest voile - just because, from my bloggy friend Shruti! Can I tell you how crazy awesome that is? It's awesome. This voile is perfection! :) 

It's completely adorable that she sent along a spool of cording for a sewing project for Allie too! 

Also adorable? The note that Sew Mama Sew sent along. While ordering Shruti wrote a little note for them to pass on to me, in the comments section of the order page. :) That made my day. Too cute!

Thanks Shruti! I promise to make something fabulous with them!

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  1. :)
    I'm glad that you like it, and I'm sure Allie will love to "embroider" with that... Love & Hugs