Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Scrappy Needle Book Tutorial

Scrappy Needle Book Tutorial
Finished size: 3.75" x 3"

3.5" x 8.5" (patchwork)
3.5" x 8.5" (lining)
3.5" x 8.5" (batting)
two pieces of felt 2.5" x 7"

Prepare patchwork as desired.

Baste patchwork to the batting (without backing) and quilt as desired. (I stitched in the ditch along all the vertical seams, and free motion quilted the word "sew")

Sandwich layers with quilted patchwork and lining right sides together. Sew around all four sides leaving a 3" gap for turning.

Clip corners close to the stitching and trim away seam allowances to about 1/8" from stitch line, but leave the seam allowances in tact in the turning gap (but trim the batting in that area).

Press the turning gap open along seam line.

Turn right sides out and press. Press carefully around the turning gap. Top stitch a scant 1/8" around all four sides taking care around the turning gap.

Lay felt pieces on top of the lining side of the piece, mark the center and stitch down the center back-stitching at the beginning and end.

Fold in half, fill with your pins and needles and enjoy!

(Linked up at WIP Weds... yeah I haven't knocked much else off my list this week - just the secret ones!)


  1. That is so cool. Thnaks for the tute, you can never have too many needle books right!?;)

  2. so pretty!
    i however am not talented in the sewing as writing genre....
    thanks for the tute!

  3. I think I'll make some of these for our quilt show. We are making needle books in shapes, 3 layers of felt and then decorated. I like the idea of a book. We give away a free gift to everyone at our shows.

  4. I'm thinking about attaching a ribbon bookmark to attach the scissors. That way no one in the quilting group will run off with your scissors.