Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WIP Weds...

Here are those WIP's hanging in my closet!
Pretty pleats tote - it's fabulous. I want to make more.
Two random zip pouches which are also pretty awesome! - one is for my sister!
Mommy's Nap Time Flickr Group - (haha thus far unpopulated) created.
Swimming Suit for Allie - A random start and finish all in one day. :) 
PicMonkey Collage
Bow Clutch and Pretty Pleats Tote
In (immediate) progress:
Bella Bella Quilt (the round one) - finished piecing the next round, now to add it and continue... 
My Precious QAL - no progress.
Super secret project - Homework is imminent... tomorrow? Soon!
FQS Bella Parade Season 2 I've got two more samples to quilt up. But I did get a big chunk of blog posts written and scheduled.... 
Zip pouches for my sister. Always. Oh and one for her best friend too.

No progress (none planned):
9 million random things.  - no progress
{Modern} Robin - no progress

New projects: 
RATZ swap june round is open now (sign up here- it's a quick and easy swap!)... I'll be making some magnets as soon as I get my partner assignment!

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  1. unpopulated no longer...Emilys jammin' together in your sweet Flickr group! and you with your super secret projects... :)

  2. Love the clutches and the tote! Interesting list of projects there I'll be watching out for future progress =D

  3. Those clutches are adorable. So is your tote. I love how organized you are with your WIP's hanging up all in a row...

  4. I love how you organize your WIP projects. It always bothers me that I have all these pieces here and there. The pretty pleat totes are adorable!!!!! I love those bright colors; so perfect for summer.