Wednesday, May 9, 2012

FQS Bella Parade 2 - How - to Pinterest

Are you ready for some solid loving fun? We are gearing up for the Fat Quarter Shop Bella Solids Parade Season 2 (May 21 - June 23) - join with us to find inspiration from our solids! 

Like last year we'll have a bit of a challenge and a chance to win a yard of the "fabric of the day," and also to enter to win the weekly drawing of a fat quarter bundle of the Moda Bella Solids 2012 line! Yes, that's a FQ bundle each week, 5 in total! Here's what you'll need to do to be in the drawing:

Each day we'll highlight a different one of the new Bella Solids colors - you'll then grab your camera (or cell phone!) and take pictures featuring the color of the day (this must be sewing related, but doesn't have to be of the fabric itself. It can be a project you made using the color of the day or notions, etc.)

You'll then pin those pictures on Pinterest - to a board titled, "FQS Bella Parade: Season 2" and you'll caption the photos.

First we'll all need to be on the same page with technology. 

The method we'll be using to keep track of your projects for the Bella Parade 2 will be Pinterest. For those of you who aren't familiar with Pinterest go on and check it out ( Sign up* for an account and add your Bella Parade board by clicking on the "Add+" button on the upper right corner.

A window will open with the options

Click "Create a Board." Title the board "FQS Bella Parade: Season 2" and click "create board." 

Pretty easy right?

Now each day of the Bella Parade you'll take pictures which include sewing related things using the color of the day. Using Pinterest you can add those pictures to your Bella Parade board. This is how:

For a picture that you have saved to your computer:
1. Sign in on Pinterest and click the "Add+" button.
2. This time click the "upload a pin" option.
3. Click "choose file" and open the file.
4. Select your Bella Parade board in the scroll down menu, and title the photo
(using the date and the name of the color of the day).

5. Click "Pin it" and you're done! 

You can also pin your photos that you've shared on your blog or flickr by using the "pin it" button on your taskbar, but do remember to give it a title!

I promise it's not that hard! Give it a try - get familar with how pinterest works. Remember though for our purposes the pins to your Bella Parade board should all be images taken yourself, with your camera. 

The final step will be to leave a comment (with the URL of your Bella Parade pinterest board) on the "Color of the day" blog post for that day on Shruti or I's blog. This is how we'll keep track of who's in the running for the drawings!!

**if you need an "invite" to pinterest leave your email in the comments (or email us directly) you'll get your invite within minutes of us submitting it. **

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  1. I had such fun doing this last year, can't wait for this year's fun. I've already set up my board.