Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sometimes it pays off to listen to the teacher.

Last night I was working on the most fabulous quilt, Emily's {Modern} Robin, and at this point in our projects (the last round we'll do on each other's quilt) it means we have to add some pretty long borders and still keep things square/not wavy.

(Note to self - take straighter pictures!)
Top border = wavy
Bottom border = not wavy
(the rest = bad picture taking/wind)
Can you guess who doesn't like to measure and pin her borders?

Well, last night I realized (for real) that I really need to measure and attach those borders properly! I was halfway through the first of three pieced borders I'm adding on this turn. And... they weren't at the level of flatness that I was expecting - a little wavy, no biggie... well yes it could end up bad. And there's still quite a bit of piecing going onto this quilt - so it's time to do it right! 

What? You don't know what I'm talking about? Go on over to my friend Ebony's page - she talks about trying to long-arm quilt a quilt with wavy borders. What a hassle! As a matter of fact this (crazy) experience with wavy borders inspired Ebony to post some basics for adding non-wavy borders. Go read about it there. No really, go read it. Someday you'll need to know. 

I went back and did a little fixing. I left two sides as is -- I'll perfect it the next border. 

Ugh I hate to pin though! :) 

It's worth it. Someone hold me accountable - if it's over 25" on each side of the piece, then I need to use pins to add a border. 

The end. 

PS: Please feel free to ignore the teacher and the quilt police too on most everything else.  


  1. wavy border? what wavy border? ;-)
    seriously though, it's really lovely

  2. Hahaha! Even when pinning half the time I still end up with a wavy border! The fabric shifts when I sew even with pins holding it in! Either I need a larger table for adding the border or better pins! =D

  3. I didn't ready Ebony's instructions yet, but I did print them out so that I can read them later. I don't like pinning long pieces, even though it really is necessary :(