Friday, May 25, 2012

Guess what I made today...

...Are you ready for it??!!

A bathing suit! 

Yep I winged it and it turned out fairly perfect! 

I was a Joann's today and they had all their clearance fabrics 50% off the clearance price. So naturally I grabbed some super cute swimsuit fabric! I bought a yard and a half and used only about half a yard. It was $6/yd after the discount.
I used Emily's technique - bribery with lollipop.
While Allie napped I scoured the house for one of her tank tops and underwear (clean thankfully). I roughly copied the racer-back tank - no lining, edged with fold over elastic (FOE). I happen to be allergic to elastic, but not to FOE - so I typically have some on hand. 

The bottoms were a bit more tricky to figure out - because I wanted them fully lined - I traced the underwear but somewhere in the process of adding seam allowances I managed to have a front and back that were nearly the same. In the end it didn't matter too much - I actually like a fuller bottom - less wedgies. I didn't use any elastic in the bottoms and the stitches around the waist stretch just enough to get them on. 

It's not perfect, but it'll work -- MIL's condo association's pool opens tomorrow! Here's hoping for nice weather!! 

(ps - I'm working on figuring out how to restrict the pinning of certain pictures (such as Allie in her bathing suit) so please make a little effort with me - just pin the blog header and notate that it's a post about swimsuits.)


  1. OMG!!!!! fearless! this looks awesome!

  2. How creative! Never knew they sold swimsuit fabric! =D

  3. What an accomplishment! I'm impressed!! Super cute job and super cute girly!

  4. I think most of us wouldn't pin a picture with someone's child in it unless the face didn't show. A way around that is to take a picture of the item without the child in it along with the others, then the project could be pinned without putting someone's child out there for predators to see.

  5. Holy cow, I am IMPRESSED! Good job! : )

  6. So super cute! Hope she has fun swimming this weekend!