Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Flight of Hope: Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative

I'm so happy to see it listed. I came to make this little quilt because our Chicago Modern Quilt Guild decided to  work on them at a meeting and send them all in as a group. Truthfully I had only heard of the organization in passing prior to that. I'm so glad that I know of them now! You see all around me there are people suffering from Alzheimer's or similar ailments (my Grandma for one, but also my MIL has spent years working with Alzheimer's and dementia patients). AAQI is raising money to fund research to find a cure. 

Go on over and have a browse at the little quilts they have up for sale and auction. You'll find the CMQG quilts listed here (ok they're not listed as a group yet - I'll update when they are). Mine is here. There are some really cute quilts to be had. Most of them have "fast finish triangles" which means they're easily hung with a small nail and a straw or chopstick. I'm sure you could even put them in a frame too. 

If anyone is interested in making a quilt to be sold or auctioned on AAQI check it out - it's really easy to submit a quilt! 

Here's a little bit about my quilt and my inspiration for making it: 
The title, "A Flight of Hope", describes not only the flying geese quilt block, but also the desire to fly away from the troubles caused by Alzheimer's. Around the center panel I quilted inspiring words, including the word "Hope." We have hope that one day we'll have a cure for Alzheimer's. 

Now go buy my quilt! :)