Friday, May 4, 2012

Rapid and Tiny Zakka Swap.

RATZ swap inspiration
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 As the Doll Quilt Swap winds down (we're waiting for just a handful of quilts to be delivered), We swap mamas decided to start up a fast little swap. We've named it the Rapid and Tiny Zakka swap (aka RATZ), and we'll be picking a different tiny useful item each month. 

Above you'll find my mosaic - let's just say I love tiny so this is easy for me! I'm really excited and I'd like to try each one of these!! :) Good thing key rings are cheap! I know several people who could use a tiny bit of cute on their keys. 

Here's my first try. I obviously didn't pay enough attention to my fussy cutting here, so I won't be sending this one -- instead I gave it to my sewing/work friend Mary -- who coincidentally lost her keys yesterday. I made her promise not to lose it!


  1. haha how convenient for her!! lucky thing you made it. it is super sweet, and i for one do not mind a little imperfection

  2. Well I love it anyway. They are all so gorgeous but I really love the one you gave to Mary. It's so sweet.