Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mug Rugs

Yep I'm still making them!
Mug Rug for MIL
Here's a sweet little mug rug for my MIL. She starts her first day at a new job on Monday and I figured the occasion was deserving of a mug rug (not to mention that she hinted at wanting one for work). I'm pretty sure she has no idea that I've actually already made her one. I tricked her and Wally into taking Allie to the store just now so that I could finish it before her first day!

I used scraps from my DQS11 quilt... and also trimmed down those three extra string blocks too. The star measures just over 1.25" point to point... :) hehe I think that's my smallest to date. I used some new (to me) Anna Maria Horner Garden Party for the back - that I scored at Vogue Fabrics today!!! It was bound using the "knife edge/ birthing method" hehe. The Ebony style - with an opening left in the middle of the back to be hand sewn, rather than at the edge. It definitely worked much smoother than trying to sew down the turning hole at the edge! 

see how I sewed the pieces together to leave a gap in the middle for turning?
All wrapped up and ready to gift!
 I can't believe I just had time to finish this, photograph it (in the last minutes of daylight) and blog it before they've returned! :)


  1. very cute! I'm sure your MIL was just delighted to get her mug rug. I especially love the tiny little star :-)

  2. you are so thoughtful! love the design!