Monday, July 11, 2011

Without Obligation.

I need to keep resisting the urge to share only finished projects. This place is mine, and my followers are just a bonus --- I don't want to feel obligated to be perfect. Which I certainly don't think my readers are expecting me to be perfect, but sometimes my own thoughts keep me from sharing more of the process.

With that being said, here's a little tiny thing that I tried out a couple nights ago. I was inspired by my DQS11 partner's fav's and also by the resounding "we'd like to see you suffer and make those really tiny" that I got in response to the post of my sketches. I tried the "new york beauty" block for the first time... yes... the first time ever, and I decided to reduce it down by 75%! That's right, this block finished at a mere 4" total!!

It was challenging, but I don't think it was all that much more challenging than the block would have been at regular size. It's paper pieced so that's great. The hardest part was sewing the curved inside and outside parts - since that's my first non-free/wonky curved piecing! Really that was only hard because my presser foot is so huge that it was hard to keep those tiny pieces under there straight (without sewing my fingers!).

I see myself making maybe one or two more of these - this one isn't for my DQS11 partner since I don't think she would appreciate my "in your face" color palate. :) She'll get one that's prettier and more spring colors!


  1. I think this little block is absolutely gorgeous! I keep trying to picture how tiny all of the pieces really are... and it just takes my breath away! I'm sure your partner will love whatever color palate you send her way.

  2. You are the ultimate itty-bitty block maker, who I am also watching on TV right now!