Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Needle Shop

On a whim yesterday I stopped by The Needle Shop after my lovely weekly allergy shot (ack). I have had some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket for a while... but I wanted to see AMH's LouLouThi fabric in person before purchasing. I'd never been to the Needle Shop so it was a pretty awesome experience all together.
First of all, that's the first time I've seen some of those Japanese imports before (Echino!). Also, they had the little blue bike fabric that I love but haven't bought yet... Don't worry I didn't go too crazy. I had my goals in mind. As far as selection goes, they had a lot of fabric, maybe not as much as Quiltology, but they I was in love with nearly every print they had (where as Quiltology not so much). They don't order full fabric lines - which is cool and not cool. It's cool because it will take a quilter out of the comfort of having a set palate in front of her - which is also a con. I did find three prints from LouLouThi that I couldn't live without. One of which was the print I walked in for! They also had several other fabrics that would go great with it (not always easy to find the bold saturated colors!). In all I ended up only buying two yards of fabric (one of that awesome fabric, and then quarter yards of the others).
The Needle Shop
Also cool? They don't cut FQ's... which means that I won't impulse buy 8 of them. I did get a couple swatches of fabrics that I might come back for (totally awesome that they do that!). I didn't mind the ripping of the fabric (I totally get that. I do). The guy working there, Johnathon, was awesome. Compared to the stiff, somewhat judgemental lady at Quiltology I'll be shopping at The Needle Shop from now on. This guy actually was interested, asked about what I was sewing, etc. And a fellow shopper asked for my opinion on fabric for a quilt too.

Overall, awesome.


  1. I would love to be able to see all of the fabrics you mentioned in person. I'll have to gear myself up for a trip into Chicago one of these days.

    I love the fabrics you chose, too. I'm not sure if you planned it that way, but they look great together!

    I guess I didn't really realize that some quilt shops will cut FQ's upon request? That's interesting since the idea never even occured to me.

  2. Awesome finds! I haven't been there yet, I'll have to make a little field trip for myself.

  3. Looks like you got some great stuff! I have a little bit of that Totem fabric in blue, I love it!