Monday, July 11, 2011

One more time...

Tune in to ABC tonight for "Extreme Makeover Weight Loss" to watch my husband's journy thus far! :)
Seriously... it's gonna be a moving show! (9pm if you're in Chicago like me, otherwise check out your local listings!)


  1. Hope it comes here, would be interested to see it! Will have to look forward to pics instead. Xx

  2. I saw the promo on ET last night and it touched me. I just literally scanned to the show as your blog came up in my reader and you were crying! I hope he does great now and always!

  3. Wally, love and prayers for you. What a year, and what a journey for all three of you.

    Emily, be sure to update us on how things are going for you all now. I'm cheering for your family.