Friday, July 8, 2011

Are you ready for monday?

I'm not sure I am!

You'd better be watching me cry (I mean watching my husband's crazy year) on Extreme Makeover Weight Loss ABC 9:00 pm. Monday July 11th.
(preview here on facebook)
Wally's sexy at any size.... but me, I look terrible when I cry.

Watch it. Seriously.

Maybe soon I can bare all my crazies that I've been forced to keep inside this year...(and you wondered why I wasn't posting any pictures of him for the past year?) you know since you weren't supposed to know that my husband is going to be a sexy tv star.

I'm still pretty nauseous about all this.


  1. I'm amazed you have any sanity at all. Seriously. The changes of the past year. That alone. But then not being able to talk about it - I'm assuming you had to sign a oath of secrecy or something like that. Plus the emotions of knowing how public the whole year will be Monday night.

    Just know many of us will be there watching and cheering and supporting!

  2. I will definitely be watching! I've got my DVR set, just in case, too! It had to take such amazing courage and strength for Wally (and you) to make this very public journey. I'm sure I'll be crying, too.

  3. I'll be watching and totally cheering for you guys! Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Posting a comment for you Em.
    And Garey and I can't wait to see Wally (and you, and Allie) on Monday!!!!! HUGS

  5. Posting per your request - my second post today.

  6. I finally figured it out - yahoo mail was eating my comment notifications from blogger - sending them to spam and automatically deleting them! I think I've fixed the problem!

  7. I don't typically watch these shows, but I may have to start watching this to support Wally! Thanks so much for sharing your family's amazing journey!