Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thank You Emily!!

Don't mind, she's three which means that she thought "hey mom's taking a picture I should jump on one foot!"
Last week my CMQG friend Emily came over to sew (was that last week already?). As sweet as she is, she brought an adorable handmade dress for Allie! I think she knows that I don't have the patience for such details on a dress! This one is just perfect! She even figured out her machine's buttonhole function for the bajillion buttons on this! :) Absolutely adorable - and purple which is Allie's (my) favorite color!
Allie has worn this dress twice so far (in one week!) And she keeps pulling it out of her closet and carrying it around saying, "Oh Pretty! Emily  made it for me!" :) thanks Emily!
Also please try to ignore that the first decently lit place that I thought to take a picture was at Victoria's Secret...
I swear we were there for body spray (for my MIL). lol.


  1. So cute! I love the purple, she looks like she loves her dress :-)

  2. gha! glad she loves it so much :) too adorable!