Friday, May 6, 2011

(insert boring post)

Eeek! In just two and a half weeks we'll begin moving our stuff into a new place!

5 boxes of books
2 boxes of books - to go away
2 boxes of kitchen stuff
1 box of kitchen stuff to go away

2 boxes of clothes to go away
(realization that I don't want to move the 10+ boxes of baby clothes... what do I do with them? I guess I'll have to sort them and keep what I want.... anyone sold that sort of stuff on craigslist? Is it worth it?)

I don't think I've mentioned this before, but last year we got rid of our couch. It was a lazy habit type thing.... an enabler of tv. We've been living with just two rocking chairs in our living room for a while now... until about a month ago when DH's chair broke. Last night mine bit the dust. Great timing... I have my mom, sister, two nieces, and a cousin coming to stay for the weekend (tonight!). lol. Good times hanging out on the floor? Maybe we'll have a tea party. Anyone have a good idea for cheap STURDY furniture? We need to stay away from second hand if it's upholstered since I'm allergic to mold. Maybe we'll just buy some bean bags and lawn chairs.... that's really lame right?

Ok now I'm going to finish/start picking up the living room and sewing room. There's so much to be done.


  1. Duh, we just moved and it was such a pain somewhere :D. Hope you do it quick and without major problems :)

  2. you need to get furniture from Ikea if there is one in the neighbourhood! It's cheap, sturdy and dismantle-able for when you move!! Good luck with the packing/ moving and have a fun family weekend :)

  3. I second Ikea! I got my couch there five years ago and it is still in great shape...and have since picked up a few more pieces, they're good quality for the price! (And they deliver too, if there isn't one local, I lived in the middle of nowhere at the time!)

  4. I hate even the thought of moving! Of course, it is a perfect opportunity to free yourself of some unloved/unused items.

    Are the baby clothes things that you could take to a consignment shop possibly? Like Once Upon a Time (don't know if there are any by you), but I think that they will pay you up front... just a thought.