Monday, May 23, 2011

Pretty Little Pouch Swap - Making Asthma Cool.

I've been meaning to post about the Pretty Little Pouch Swap wrapping up... so while my sewing room is all packed up (sad... it'll be a week before we are all moved into the new place)... I'll share the lovely sent and recieveds.

First up, at the beginning of may I received this lovely lovely pouch from Amy (alliekatmom on flickr). It's spectacular! I love the tiny piecing and of course the Good Folks fabric she used (it's my fav!). Until yesterday I hadn't designated a use for the pouch... but as we were in church and Allie somehow got hold of the plastic spacer that I use with my inhaler, and threw it three pews back - I realised I had a good use for it. :) It now holds my two inhalers and the plastic spacer, all zipped tight in my purse! It's lovely to see, and easy to find. thankfully I don't need my inhaler often at all... but I still need it with me. :) Thanks Amy!!

Pretty little pouch swap - front
Second, here's the pouch that I sent. I had made the plus sign patchwork the very day that we received our partners, but wasn't sure what shape to make the pouch. I lingered on it for a long time. It's a good thing I lingered since my partner Rachel was pretty direct about it in this blog post. The day after reading that post I went to Joann's and bought the metal frame. It's not too hard actually!! I really like the finished product and while actually stitching the frame to the fabric is a little difficult (I need a denser thimble), it's quick and completely worth it! Retrospectively I would change a bit about the shape of the pouch, but I was a tad nervous about boxing corners and then stitching it in. So I played it a little safe.

pretty little pouch swap - sent
Here's the back of the pouch... a little nod to Rachel's mosaic. I mimicked the stitching from one of the pouches she'd shown. It dressed up the back without overpowering the patchwork on the front. :) I like it, and I'm glad she does too!

Pretty little pouch swap - inside
Swap success!

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