Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!

 I know it's been days since mother's day, but I'm finally getting around to writing this up. This past weekend my family (my sister, mom, two nieces, and cousin) came to visit! I give my sister a lot of credit for making it - they drove the 5 hours home from the hospital from Rosemarie's weekly treatment, then packed up the car and drove another 4 hours to visit us!
 As you can see we went to get our nails done. Last year on mother's day was the first time my mom and sister had ever had theirs done. We decided to make it a tradition of sorts. Allie got hers painted; it was totally not worth $7 but it was pretty cute!
 Here are mine... bright pink.
 And amazing mother's day gift from my MIL -- Rocket Dog shoes!!! In purple!!! I'll be wearing these every day forever. Seriously I love Rocket Dogs.
Saturday night my husband watched the kids (Allie and her two cousins) while the rest of us girls went to the Outdoor Cafe (yum). Where we also had gone last year. This time we ordered one of these... which we had studied/drawn/tried to figure out what it was last year. Yes, that's kiwi and frosted flakes in the middle. Red bean ice cream, strawberry flavored water, and chocolate syrup. It was delicious. We also read Korean magazines (read..haha. since we can read Korean), and shared a banana/crunchy peanut butter/honey panino. Yum. :) My mom is awesome, so is my sister, and my MIL is too! Happy mother's day ladies!


  1. Wow, sounds like fun! :-) How cool about the little spa day! Violet got some Piggy Paints from the Easter Bunny, so every other day we paint our finger and toenails (William did his the first day, but then we got in trouble, lol, so now he just paints mine). That dessert/drink sounds really crazy, but it must be good!

  2. It looks like everyone had a great time! I love how nice my nails look when I get them done, even if the fingers only last about a day.

    I love your shoes! I had a pair of Rocket Dogs that I wore forever! Seeing yours makes me think I might need another pair :-)