Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Before I had a blog...(and before I was a quilting addict)


 I used to journal. Not just every day... but ALL THE TIME. These guys lived in my backpack/purse until each page was used up. Sometimes when I was feeling really thrifty, at the end of the last page I'd start going backwards on the backs of the pages. Seriously. 

These are just a few of my (fondest) high school memories. I can still remember what was going on in my life just by the look of the covers. One of them in this stack was actually from college. Some of my deepest prayers are in there. Deepest. Ever. I think I was a mystic that semester. Pretty much. 
Mystic. Sketch from that one college journal from the stack above. Sketched during one of our monthly 24 hour Eucharistic Adoration days. I miss those days. I really do. I"m really looking forward to our new apartment... which is just across the street from an old Catholic church. :)
While packing up everything we own I've found a lot of gems like these. Such as that Rubbermaid bin of my  Roma stuff. (lots and lots more journals in there... including the leather ones from Florence - sigh). I most certainly have a few more back at my mom and dad's house. That's ok... the ones I"m missing are from high school. It'd probably do my niece some good to read them if she finds them in my old room/her room). I was very innocent. Very. 

I had mad puffy paint skills in high school. This was made for my senior year when I didn't make the cheerleading squad (that's right... but I was never one of those cheerleaders - we were a very small school). My friend Stacey also didn't make the squad so we decided to be un-cheerleaders and cheer on the JV cheerleaders. :) It worked out in the end. 
Still freaking awesome at puffy paint in college. Yep. After 10:00pm Mass, after going for Pizza at Hounddogs Pizza for the People (yum), the day before valentine's day.... we made these. We hugged random people on campus the next day... while decked out in glittery shirts. :)

Finally, a really awesome love note... from this guy who I swore was hitting on Wally... maybe not. This was acquired while studying in Rome. I won't get too into the story... but there was a pre-spring break celebration.... And neil (a friend of a friend) somehow kept knocking into vespas (too drunk?). He gave one of the mirrors to me (yes there were two... that... fell off the vespa he fell into?) I'm not going to ask those questions but he signed it so sweetly. lol.

I hope everyone reading this has one object in their lives which is not thought of often... but when you come across it you completely laugh your head off. This mirror is it for me.

Ok so I lied... I did have a blog back then. But it was pretty boring and only read by a few people (who still read it... sadly now it's mostly the occasional post: blah blah blah I'm not pregnant). My best friend Schell and I had a blog together for our Italy trip too... unfortunately back then I didn't have a digital camera. lol.

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  1. True, Em. As one ages, those little "triggers" become more numerous. I find myself become more judicious about what I keep. And those smiles and laughs become deeper. Nice.