Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sorry for all the boring posts...

I made some delicious iced tea today. If I had a clear/not crazy area of my house I might take a picture of it to show. I made Forest Berries black tea (from Adagio Teas) in my mother's day gift/glass teapot. And added a touch of sugar (literally about 3/4 of a tbsp.) and a bunch of ice. Yummy. It's warm here finally! We're supposed to get up to 85 today :) I love the warm weather!

We made eggs and bacon for brunch after church today. Yummy. And now Wally's watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Allie while I pack. Don't think I'm slacking... I just finished up three boxes in the last half hour or so. The kitchen is almost there. It's going to be hard to live with an almost three year old for a week with very little in our kitchen!

Wally and his brother are going to start moving the boxed stuff in in just a couple days. That way next weekend all that will be left (hopefully) will be the bigger furniture and such. Also I can start unpacking the kitchen at once! So far we've got the office packed (minus computer) The kitchen is nearly packed. The bedroom is... eh. lol. Needs some work. The bathroom is nearly there... the living room needs to be purged of toys etc first....

So really my big focus needs to be on the sewing room now. I'm dragging my feet since I still want to sew this week. It's my sanity. I'll probably keep one machine unpacked, and some scraps. We'll see what I can make out of scraps this week! :)

Then the cleanup starts/continues. I hate the big clean that is necessary when you leave an apartment. Ugh.

ON the bright side my friend Amy is coming to visit in a couple weeks!! Just in time to help me finish unpacking!!! :) She'll be our first non-family house guest! (my dad and brother are coming up to help us move).

The end. Back to work for me!

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  1. Good luck getting all of your boxes packed as quickly as you want/is necessary. Moving is a definite chore, but then you'll have a new place to get set up (which I hope will be fun for you!) Plus, like you said, you can purge yourself of any unloved and unneeded items!

    P.S. I finally saw your husband in a commercial over the weekend!