Sunday, August 29, 2010

Swaps starting soon!

Ever since joining the DQS at the beginning of the summer, I've been hanging around a couple other flickr groups, waiting for them to start another round of swapping. Two of these start up very soon. First, the Scrappy Pincushion Swap, which stops taking names at 6:00pm today (eek that's ten minutes from now!), will be announcing who's in this round/who their (secret) partners will be by Sept 5th... and swaps will be mailed out by the first of October. Pretty cool. I really hope I get in. :) These swaps are fun.

Next I started stalking the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap as soon as ms. flossy blossoms started it up. I believe for this one, everyone who signs up is in. For this one sign ups end the 31st, we'll have our partners by the 4th, and will send our swaps out by Oct 1st. Apparently Eminem is going to swap too... lol (at my excitement that I was the only "E" named swapper, suspiciously Eminem and the Easter Bunny decided to join... tricky ones them).

Why swaps? Well the community is great (a lot of the ladies from these swaps are also in the DQS), and it's really quite inspiring to see their creativity. Swapping makes me think more, try harder, push my boundaries, learn new things...etc. Pretty fun. Not to mention that these two new swaps (providing I get in) will be pretty quick once I decide what to make - since each project can be finished within a single nap time. :) Much more to come!

Also ---- My DQS9 partner, Rebecca, received her package in the mail this week! :) She loved it! And I'm glad!

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