Monday, August 16, 2010

Finishing up my swap quilt, and starting some other projects.

The giveaway post is here.
After trying out hand quilting/embroidery for the first time in ages (for my DQS9 quilt) I found that I actually really enjoy it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not all for the detail and perfection that most like... but some words here or there, and a nice running stitch, that's more me. After finishing my doll quilt swap quilt I wanted to play around a bit more with hand quilting/embroidering, so last night I whipped up this. It's about 16" x 18" (guessing) and is made up of my current favorite fabrics. I quilted in the ditch, and sewed on the binding, so I don't have to worry too much about the fabrics shifting. Notice that little hedgie, I love him. The bikes... awesomeness! :) I can't wait to play with this! lol.

As I mentioned above, I did indeed finish my quilt for DQS9 (yesterday). I sewed on my label and it's all ready to go. I'm not going to send it just yet though, I need more time to say goodbye! It's definately the most challenging quilt I've made, and I purposely chose aspects to add to it, so that I'd learn a lot as I went. It's awesome!!! Here's a snippet of the back - there's a rainbow of circles there, and pink because well, what else? lol. I did piped binding, and hand quilted it.

I'm sending some goodies along with it too. A handmade quilted card (for me to send my partner a little note), a needle book, scissors, a spool holder, and a mini tapemeasure. ...and more! :) Gotta keep them guessing!

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