Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A post about a weird way.

So I looove making mosaics over at Big Huge Labs. I could entertain myself for days with it. I was thinking about all the pink things I've been making recently. Mostly because of the scraps from Ali's quilt I have laying around. Comparatively I had been making everything in purple a few weeks ago, because I'd just finished the string part of my purple string quilt, and had so many scraps of purple strings. And ultimately, ever since my Little folks Quilt, I've been so in love with grey that it's hard to make a single project without it. So here it is guys... My crafting in perspective of color.
Pink sewing.
Purple sewing.
Grey sewing.
Notice how the grey mosaic looks more disjointed than the others? Because grey is a neutral color, it makes the other colors really pop!

Lastly, look at the coolest thing I've ever made - ever!
She just turned two! I can't believe it! :)

Oh and stay tuned tomorrw or thursday I'll be announcing the giveaway for my 100th post! It's going to be great so tell all your friends!

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