Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mug Rugs and Other Stuff.

Mug rug #2. I love these. they're quick and fun and useable. :) This one actually, was my first flickr picture ever to be put on "explore" which for the record I really don't understand. (how do they pick them and where do I go to find mine?) I looked through pages of explore pics today, and didn't see mine. Figures. :) But I got a couple comments from random people saying they'd seen it there.
Also, my doll quilt for the DQS9 is all finished, pictures taken, wrapped, and sent! I keep checking the USPS site for tracking - obsessively. I really would cry if it got lost! I hope my partner likes it!!!!
Here's a stack of blocks for Rosemarie's Cancer Killin Quilt. :) I've got just about enough... all layed out, numbered and ready to be sewn together. I'm still expecting a couple more blocks from people who have said they're sending them. Those will go onto the back of this quilt, or into the one for Katee (Rosemarie's sister). As of now I have 15 remaining blocks for Katee's I'll do what it takes to fill in the gaps. It'll work. :) I love it so far. Here it is all laid out.
Please pardon the terrible dark picture. It was daytime and sunny when I took it... but the size and shadowyness of my living room just didn't work for it! :) This pic is mostly for me to reference should I loose a couple of those numbers in the sewing process. :)

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