Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fabric Tuesday

Here's something new. Fabric Tuesday hosted by Quiltstory.

Fresh Poppy Design
Here's my submission. As you may know, last week we had the most spectacular family vacation at Disney World. It really made me loooove Disney so much more. And Allie kept saying "Mickey's house, play!!!" and, "I love you Mickey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Well, while we were there, we at at a spectacular restaurant The Flying Fish Cafe (Boardwalk Inn). They had the coolest floor (and steak mmm). I knew it had to be a quilt.
So when I came back I decided to make it so. I used some grey fabric (about 15" x 17" what I had laying around) and some scraps of various blues (with doublesided fusable web).

Turned out pretty great!!! (I need to trim a little off the bottom to make it less rainbow like down there).
Now for how to quilt it to secure all those little tiny pieces? I tested out two ways, and I think I've decided to go with the first way, which is to sew around each square rather than free motion quilting over them.

I have no idea what this will become... a doll quilt? A pillow? It's fun either way!


  1. That is so creative! I am never that creative! Thanks so much for linking up! We hope you see you back on tuesday's with more projects!

  2. I love that you found inspiration in a most unlikely place! It is beautiful!

  3. I love it! I am often inspired by architecture and the like. That turned out great!

  4. That is impressive! I had to scroll back up and down twice to be sure yours was fabric.