Monday, August 23, 2010


I've been thinking here and there about starting an etsy shop. I feel very strongly about not wanting to do the whole "make a pattern, repeat a pattern" production that so many crafters do. I'm into sewing for me. If my things are all wild and not liked by others so be it... I like the ability to make lots of randomness just to try it out. But... I really don't need 18 doll quilts ( I only have... 4 in my house now)... and fabric is expensive (and I want to buy more of it). I know I don't have the confidence to sell things for what they're really worth either (time, energy. planning, precision). I'm cheap, I would never pay $25 for a set of 4 coasters really? lol. So I feel like I'd cheat myself.

But. It'd be refreshing to have some money set aside just for me to spend on fabric. I hesitate every time I buy fabric. It'd be nice to just say, hey I like it I'll use it, and make more money. lol.

I'd also like to do something out of the ordinary. As you guys saw yesterday, I really loved making my mug rug coaster. I had a friend on facebook offer to pay me to make her some. But the thing is, I want to make my colors not hers. lol. I'll make her some, it'll be a bit of a challenge though not using grey. :)

The other thing is, if I were to sell some doll quilts on there... are people willing to pay what they're worth? Even $35 sounds like too expensive for people to want to spend ... yet too little for me to sell them at. Really? I just don't want to waste my time and energy if it's not going to sell. Any thoughts?


  1. Hi eme,

    I just found your blog. You are going on my reader right now. )smile)

    I hear what you are saying re: selling one's handcrafts. I've mulled that over in my mind, too. I've visited the etsy shops and as a potential customer, I'm appalled at the prices. Plus s/h. I think part of that is because I am a fiber crafter and know I could make any of it with my expense being for supplies and tools. The difference for the seller is the time, effort, heart in addition to the supplies and tools.

    When I sell my products or service, I've about come down to this (and I'm not rich to begin with): I want the experience to be pleasant for both buyer and seller. (I'm not talking about a buyer who is looking for just anything for nothing.) I don't want to give the product/service away, but I want to meet the buyer at a place that is practical/sensible for both of us. Maybe we both need to "hurt" a little, you know? And in the end, I will have the $$ that I wouldn't have had if I not decided to sell my product/service. Am I making sense?

    For instance, I have had to cut my rates almost in half for the longarm service in my area. It is a depressed area. But still, I have $$ in hand that I didn't before I did the quilting.

    By the way, Your mug rug is really nice. I like the rectangle shape. And your Minnie mug is adorable. I'm glad you had a fun 2nd birthday party with the Disney gang.

  2. I understand exactly how you feel because I feel the same way. Whenever I post photos of things I have made to facebook, invariably people tell me I should sell whatever it is...or if I am using something I made, people always tell me the same thing. I always respond that I make things because I want to, it makes me happy, and I could never sell them for the price that my materials and then time were worth. I would make things for people that I love, though, if they wanted a gift to give someone else and I would just charge them a bit.

    It's a hard decision...I've been thinking about Etsy, too, just for an extra bit of money, but then I always wonder what exactly I would sell... pencil pouches? baby blankets? hair towels? (<---that's my latest making) burp cloths?

  3. Hello:
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