Monday, April 1, 2013

Truth is, I'm not much of a businessperson...

There I said it. 

Hoping to buy backing for this project and finish it up soon!

For the past few months I've been working at adding sponsors to my blog. I feel like I've got a fair amount to offer a sponsor - regular readers, interesting content, etc...

I'm finding it pretty interesting because I simply am not a businessperson. I don't enjoy trying to get myself out there - I don't like rejection (does anyone?) and it just takes so much more time to do things that you don't enjoy. 

But fabric isn't free, and if I want to keep turning out the projects I'll need to keep finding some sponsors or start selling my stuff. Both leave me at the same place - sell my stuff and I'll have to figure out taxes (taxes! ugh), or keep courting sponsors. lol.

Just figured I'd keep it real here. :) Anyone else hate business-y things? 


  1. Whenever someone asks me to make them something I find it really hard to ask for payment....even when they ask how much it'll be! "How much will that be?" "Even though I've spent a full 10 hours on it, for you, nothing because I'm too bashful to ask for money!"

    1. Samantha, what can I ask you to make me? :) I'm with you. I hate asking for money even when I've earned it.

  2. I'm the exact same way. :( I haven't even tried to get sponsors, so you're ahead of me!

  3. I feel as you do. Instead of preparing for tax season, i spent eight hours in the studio.

  4. lol I hear ya girl! I just went to a movie when I have a writing deadline for tomorrow...and now I am going to bed, ha! i'll get to it later... I wish you more luck in getting sponsors :)

  5. I'm scared to ask for sponsors too. Especially since I have a pretty small blog, I almost know I'm going to be rejected :(

  6. totally with you on this one, Emily. I always assumed it was a British thing ;-)

  7. I'm so with you on this one.
    Perhaps we all need blog agents???? or to be each other's blog agents.
    I'm sure it's easier to sell/big-up/promote someone else's blog to sponsors, than it is your own.
    I always feel like Samantha when it comes to pricing.

  8. I totally get this! Of course, I think anyone would be crazy to tell you no on sponsorship, too :) I've been needing to do a bunch of stuff just to get a little etsy shop going... and I haven't done any of it, and it doesn't involve putting myself out there for rejection, either!