Friday, April 19, 2013

Under Construction.

As many of you mid-westerners know, we had a big storm blow through this weekend. Several inches of rain fell in my neighborhood. The big kicker was that a bolt of lightning hit our tree in front of our house (terrifyingly this happened while my husband and kid were about 10 feet away inside the house!).

Thankfully no one was hurt, but the whole day Wednesday was spent with city construction crews tearing down the rest of the tree. It was a huge ordeal to say the least -- I'm sad I didn't get any decent pictures of it -- that tree was about 60 years old!

Then later that night we realised our house was a bit chilly -- our gas line was damaged by the lightning too. We've spent the past two days without hot water, heat, or stove. (Frozen waffles for dinner?!) The guys are back at it today trying to put a new line in.

On the bright side the lightning didn't do much else - it fried our wireless internet router, and even though many areas around us are under serious flooding, we only got about 2"in the basement. That's not enough to damage anything we have there (it's all up high on shelves.

I hope this week and this storm have been better to you guys than it has been to us!!

I'm leaving you with pics of Allie playing on her new stump, with the gas company digging in the background. She loves that she was a construction worker just like them!


  1. So glad the damage wasn't any worse! Allie looks like she's having a great time, enjoying all the action and unconcerned about the lack of heat, hot water and a place to cook.

  2. It has been a crazy weather week! Isn't it great how kids can find the fun in almost any situation? My daughter's school was closed on Thursday so she and her friends went and watched the Blackhawks practice. :-)