Monday, April 8, 2013

Oilcloth Pouches - and a new sewing student.

This weekend we had guests in town - it's not that uncommon for us to have houseguests. Living in a big fun city means that most of my friends and family back home have more reason to visit!

This time around it was my sister's friend Jenna and her two kids - as well as my neice Katee - a stowaway! :) We had a ton of fun, and Allie loved having the kids around (Jenna has a girl allie's age, and they LOOOOVE each other).

Jenna's pouches! She was on a roll!

In the evenings once the kids were worn out and in bed, Jenna and I sewed.

She had very little exprience sewing, but was a great student. Over the course of two evenings she made three pouches! Hers are made from laminated shopping bags - repurposed into zip pouches! It's much more economical than using real oilcloth.

Oilcloth pencil pouches!

While Jenna sewed I made a couple pencil pouches myself - two of them are made out of the Oilcloth samples I got in the QuiltCon goody bag. The oilcloth really is nicer. The third pouch I made used the laminated shopping bags (the blue pouch).

I think I'll put these pouches up on Etsy - that's my goal for the week.

If you're looking for oilcloth check here and here (laminated cotton). That shop is local to me, but they have a few decent choices. 

Detail of the front of the mug rug!

The second night of Jenna sewing I worked on a nice little mug rug. It's been a couple months since I made a mug rug - I do love them.

Some FMQ practice. This is the back side of the piece - which sows the quilting so well!

The real exciting part of this was playing around with the FMQ on the back piece (I quilted the front and back separately). 


  1. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing a source for laminated fabric.

  2. I love all of the colorful pouches! I have some laminated cotton that I haven't put to use yet, and this is a great (and quick!) idea for using some of it up. I'll have to write it down so that I don't forget :)

    The ruffly/flowery quilting looks very cool! I really like it.

  3. Thank you for the idea of using the shopping bags. I have one that has sewing items on it so it will be perfect for a zippered box bag.

  4. sweet makes! Jenna sure is a fast learner! and that quilting looks great!

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  6. Wow, all of these pictures and projects just look gorgeous!
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