Sunday, March 31, 2013

FMQ heals us. Peter Joseph's quilt.

Peter always our precious and loved child.

mini irish chain quilt berevement
A quilt for baby Peter.

Is it a good thing to say that I had a good cry before starting to free motion quilt today (a couple weeks ago, admitedly it took me a while to finish it)?

I knew it would happen. I knew I'd cry at some part of this process. I'm sewing a bereavement quilt. It's a teeny baby quilt for a teeny baby.

Peter Joseph passed away only a few days after birth, but the grief of losing him is strong for my friend Nick and his wife Lauren.

irish chain bereavement quilt

Admittedly I haven't been very good at keeping in touch with Nick. Years back we worked together leading bible camps for kids - we traveled in a group of just four of us throughout the diocese of Fargo. We all grew a lot that summer, and those friendships won't fade even in the years we may go without connecting. When I heard the news that Peter had been born via emergency c-section at just 24 weeks my heart just broke for them. They've had the greatest joy and the hardest grief all in one week.

mini quilt irish chain

There's not a lot that I can do but pray. And sew, yes I can sew. I got set right away, on some teeny tiny nine patches (nine patches finishing at just 3" each), and a fairly modern color scheme with a traditional and tiny pattern. Even little Peter is loved enough to need a quilt.

Maybe this quilt will help Nick and Lauren grieve, maybe it'll end up in a box somewhere. It doesn't matter too much, it's only a quilt. What matters is that they'll know that I sat and prayed while I sewed this for their most precious little boy.

prairie points

For the souls of the faithfully departed, by the mercy of God, may they rest in peace.
Rest in peace Peter. You're loved.


  1. how incredibly sad. I hope that this gives them comfort xx

  2. An amazing tribute for your friends! I know they'll treasure it as they grieve the loss of their son.

  3. What a precious gift and a beautiful way to honor his memory.