Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Whew! What a Week!

Our household is finally back to normal after the crazy storms / lightning strike issues of last week. Our internet / water / heat / etc are all working. So what do I do? Stay up until 2am blogging and editing pics! 

I haven't been at my sewing machine in a few days due to all that weather related drama, but tomorrow I surely will be back to it! 

Tonight I spent some time typing out and editing for a future tutorial - It's always amazing to me that writing out and editing tutorials takes about 5x as much time as sewing the actual item! I've got a couple tutorials coming up soon - so stay tuned. :)

Another major thing happened - as of yesterday's guild meeting I'm now an official Chicago Modern Quilt Guild officer! I'm sharing the post of "Technology Communication Officer" with my guild friend Peta. We'll be in charge of keeping track of the guild facebook page, big tent page, flickr account, and blog. It's going to be a fun year but for now there's so much to do and so much to get used to! 

Oh and since the last time I really shared anything here I've finished 2 and a half quilts! There's a sneak peek of them up there... but I'll share them in full soon!

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  1. Emily, I'm so glad you and Peta have joined the board! You are such a welcome addition and I'm looking forward to what you'll bring to our online presence.