Saturday, April 27, 2013

Impulse Sewing

Do you guys sew on impulse? Tonight my husband was out with friends, so once Allie was asleep I was left to my sewing - only I couldn't decide what to work on. 

Maximum capacity (one pouch) = 7 OB Tampons!

Naturally I scrolled through facebook/flickr/instagram while I decided. (naturally). My friend Susan had mentioned on one of our quickie swaps that we should swap pouches to carry tampons/pads. Susan has mentioned this before - so light-bulb moment - that's what I sewed tonight. I made a "PonTom" pouch for Susan. Lucky that she uses the same brand tampons as I do!

Tiny zip pouches!

I made an extra to post in my upcoming Etsy shop - but my sister already called dibs (do you think I could charge her for it?) LOL

If you'd like to make a teeny pouch of your own the tutorial is right here. It really isn't hard. 

By the way, these were made from oilcloth, the leftover bits from making these pencil pouches - four pouches came from those teeny samples from the QuiltCon swag bag! 


  1. I have been resisting the urge to impulse sew all week! Luckily (?), what I really want to be working on, I have neither the fabric nor the interfacing for, so I've been able to resist, since I really want to get some of those other projects off of my list.