Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Does anyone else feel like they can't get a moment to sew? Ever since QuiltCon I've been trying to get things back to the normal flow. 

I had the afternoon free on friday to work on some projects, it seems like that's about the only time last week that I got to work on anything! At least I was able to accomplish a lot Friday! 

I am nearly finished with this teeny precious baby quilt. It is really teeny with 3" nine patch units. 

I also finished a quit top that's been lingering in my unfinished projects pile. This one is destined to be a Pellon project download. It's going to be totally cute and I don't have a recipient in mind for it. I think I'll just keep it. I call it the Chloe Bubble Quilt.

The pieces of the Chloe Bubble Quilt.
Otherwise I have a lot of random projects that have been neglected and/or need to be started! 

New projects to start soon:
  • Duffel bag for the Sew Sew Modern swap -- I'll be using this pattern, but altering it so that it's fully lined (no raw edges here!) My fabric just arrived last week, but it is unexpectedly light... so I'll need to find a darker color for the bottom of the bag....
  • Mini quilts! I want to make minis!
  • Elaine's birthday present -- we're doing an EEE birthday swap - and Elaine's birthday is first!
  • Bunting for Lucy - I need two more purple fabrics for this! 
  • Two flannel receiving blankets.
Projects that haven't been worked on in forever:
  • {Modern} Robin - no progress - I'm longing to long arm this one (myself)... it's going to be seriously intense quilting.
  • Roseann's quilt
  • Sabrina's quilt
  • Harry Potter Patronus mini
String quilt circa 2010... eek that was a couple years ago!
OOOH I need to baste my super old purple string quilt this week - it's going to be donated to our guild's quilt drive for Project Night Night!


  1. Thanks for the link to that duffle pattern. I'm itching to make one and this looks perfect. Please share how you fully line it. That is definitely something I would like to see how to do.

    I'm trying to hold out to use the new AMH linen (the feathers one, sigh) but I don't know how much longer I can wait.

  2. YES! I definitely feel like I haven't done anything lately. Between feeling run down and planning a birthday party there hasn't been time/energy left for me. Hopefully we both get back in the swing of things before long!

  3. I know the feeling, I have not had enough sewing time recently! I love the fabrics you're using for the bubble quilt!

  4. I look forward to seeing the bubbles - the fabrics are beautiful!

  5. Thanks for reminding me that I can take a UFO and make it into a PNN quilt! I have a small quilt that I started maybe 3(?) years ago...before I got my new sewing machine.... it was supposed to be for my friend's grandson... yikes! Anyway, I can certainly make it a bit bigger and it would be great for a younger boy!

    I recommend that mitered corner blanket for a receiving blanket! I like it because you can put a cotton on the front and flannel for the back (and edges). I just sent two of them to my brother and SIL.

  6. Love the Nine Patch/Irish Chain.