Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A teeny quilt...

Just a little sneak peak today. This is a teeny tiny quilt I'm making for a friend of mine. It's made in the memory of a precious little boy who left for heaven way too early. Perhaps a lovingly handmade (tiny) quilt will bring a little bit of sunshine to my friends as they mourn for their little one. If nothing else, it has kept my hands busy while my heart is so heavy. Sorry to be such a downer today. 


  1. As the mother of a former micro preemie, who thankfully is a perfectly healthy lively 3 year old, and someone who works with NICU parents now, thank you for acknowledging the life and loss of this beautiful child. Too often, people are unsure of how to react and so, they do nothing. That can be a very lonely place for parents in this situation. Prayers for the family.

  2. Muito bonito, adorei!
    Continuação de bons trabalhos.
    Maria Esteves