Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Finally back to the sewing table.

quilt as you go
Architextures and Field Study = love.

As I mentioned earlier this week, my life since QuiltCon has been a whirlwind of sicknesses and house guests. Prior to last night I hadn't been at my sewing machine in more than a week which is really unlike me.

I took a nap yesterday specifically with the thought in mind to stay up late sewing. (Is that how it works in your house late night sewers?)

So I sat down and started piecing a doll quilt top - I was feeling moderately uninspired. I have the desire to make more doll quilts but I don't always find them easy to make - I usually piece "on the fly" without a solid design in mind. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. 

Quilt as you go clutch

I ended up putting that project aside with the desire to use some of my new fabric (purchased at Quiltcon from some awesome awesome vendors). But - my quiltcon fabric is so varied ... It was interesting to try to chose what to work with. 

Finally I decided I'd make a pouch - a quick finish using some exciting new fabrics (AMH Field Study and Architextures). I made it the size of a small clutch, large enough to hold my wallet, moo cards, and a few extras. 

pocket in pouch lining
Yes I did use fantastic out of print text fabric to line a pocket... I just couldn't resist it!
I literally just started sewing without a plan. I love the results. I used cotton duck cloth as a base for the quilt as you go  on the outside, and added a zippered pocket to the lining. It finished at about 9 1/2" x 5" with a 13" strap. 

I'm really impressed with how nice my new spoonflower labels look sewn inside too! 

A perfect fit for my wallet and extras. Pull tab from Zipit on etsy.

I think tonight I'll make another one of these, and list it in my (yet to be used) etsy shop.

Piles of pretty fabric. 

Now my job is to organize and re-fold my fabric. It's been piling up outside of my shelves... I'm reluctant to put it back since it's all a mess - unorganized. Time to make it pretty again. Can anyone offer some helpful tips for organizing / folding my stash? It's mostly FQ's (some already cut into) and some odd remainder cuts. I'd love to hear your tips. 


  1. Cute! Looks great and well sewn. I think you are back.

  2. I love, love, love your new labels! And I am totally envious of them, too. When I had an Etsy shop, I bought some labels and was soooo disappointed in them. I still have them, but should probably throw them out and splurge on some new ones. Ugh!

  3. Ooh! I would totally buy a pouch from you. Looks very useful :-)

  4. Your pouch turned out so cute! I've been wanting to make something like this for myself! Maybe once I am back from spring break I can get something together :-/