Friday, March 8, 2013

QuiltCon: Community

haha... I love this picture!

I guess this is the wrap-up topic for me. My final thoughts about QuiltCon.

I've been looking forward to QuiltCon for so long and I wasn't exactly sure what I'd take away from the weekend. Overall I'm taking a greater sense of community among quilters. Sometimes it seems like we're all just quilters sitting at home sewing by ourselves. I'm lucky to have my local Chicago Modern Quilt Guild community, but it's equally nice to know that there is a community that spans larger than my city.

I'm encouraged by being surrounded by people who "get it". They understand me. They know and understand the obsession with a certain fabric designer, and they get how much work went into my Weekender.

It's important that there is a larger community - it's more than just having friends all over the country / world, it's much more than that. At QuiltCon I was surrounded by friends, role models, and creative artists. The people who have paved the way in the modern quilt movement are not some stoic group of officers, rather they're sweet and welcoming. I can see how much heart and soul went into planning this gathering. Many people volunteered their time and energy.

I'm proud to say that I'm a part of this movement. For the most part we are a group of caring, accepting people who love what we do.

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